Friday, March 23, 2007

What Dry Food Should I Feed my Pet?

ADDED 1:49pm: This applies to wet foods too.

I'm putting together a list of foods that have nothing to do with Menu Foods, including where you can buy them, list of ingredients, etc. I'll also have a tracking sheet so you can keep track of what your pet eats, when, whether they like it, how they are after eating it, etc.

In the meantime, one option is to use the information from these two sites below, about
brands that have nothing to do with Menu Foods. (And until we know more I'd
avoid anything that has wheat in it.)

If you just can't look at another list, or make another decision, I
personally am going to buy Natural Balance. I've bought it before and my
cats like it. They have two different dry formulas. Most specialty pet
food stores and *some* PetCos carry it. The specialty pet food store near
me (Critters and Me, which has other stores in the country) usually has
small free sample sizes of the Venison and Green Pea dry food.

There ARE other natural, trustworthy brands that I would feel safe buying today. Natural Balance is first on my list because I have bought it before and know my cats will eat it. More on other brands later.

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