Friday, March 23, 2007

Menu Foods Statement. Plant to be closed temporarily?

ADDED 3:31pm - link to the raw footage of the press conference by Menu Foods
Added 3/24 10:50am I've seen others report the plants are to be closed for a few days, but I haven't seen that information for myself, I thought I heard the opposite.

They finally make a statement,
Menu Foods responds

Globe and Mail Update

A statement prepared for and expected to be read by Paul K. Henderson,
President and CEO, Menu Foods Income Fund, at a news conference Friday.

Ladies and gentlemen:

Thank you for assembling on such short notice.

I have some brief opening comments. And then we will take questions.
The news conference will conclude at 4:30 sharp.

The Globe and Mail

My name is Paul Henderson, and I am the President and CEO of Menu Foods.

With me today is Dr. Richard Shields, Executive Vice President of Menu
Foods. Rick is head of Menu's technical services that includes
research & development, regulatory and quality assurance. Rick is a
PhD in Animal Nutrition.

We are happy and relieved that the experts from the New York State
Department of Agriculture and Cornell University have discovered the
root of the issue that has harmed North American cats and dogs. This
important discovery caps an unprecedented search by top experts.

Dedicated and knowledgeable researchers at universities, independent
laboratories, and our own veterinary consultants worked tirelessly to
defend and protect our cats and dogs.

Over the past seven days, we have spoken with almost two hundred
thousand consumers. They were scared. Some, like myself, are angry.
They demonstrated a level of care and concern that only those of us
who are pet owners can understand.

Our hearts go out to the many thousands of pet-owners across Canada
and the U.S. for their losses and their worry. We are grateful to them
for their patience as we hunted for the root of the problem.

I can anticipate some of your questions, so let me address them briefly.

Q. How did this substance get into our products?

A. At this stage, we do not know. Our immediate next steps will be to
begin testing of all suspect raw materials with the goal of quickly
identifying the means through which this substance entered our supply

Q. Which specific products made by our company contain this


A. Again, we do not know with certainty. This morning, the

researchers advised us of their discovery as they investigated the
recalled product. At this time we have no reason to suspect that this
matter goes beyond the recalled product.

Q.What should pet-owners do?

A. Until we have these answers, we have the following advice for

– We want to reinforce our view that all consumers should immediately
stop using the recalled product.

– If your pet is showing any signs of illness after consuming any
recalled pet food, see a veterinarian immediately

Q.What about the future of Menu Foods?

A. We have a strong, sustainable business, and we're confident about
the future. Our customers and partners have been understanding,
supportive and loyal. And for that, we are grateful.

As I have explained, we have a lot of work to do. And we are eager to
get back to it. But we will take questions for about 20 minutes.

Other reports coming in the their plant is to close (temporarily). I'll update this as soon as I find more.

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