Saturday, March 24, 2007

Easy to Use Lists of Recalled Products

After going into a local PETCO today and being shocked and confused by all the products still on the shelf, I came home and tried to find an easy-to-use checklist of which Iams / Eukanuba / Science Diet / Mighty Dog / Nutro products should NOT be on store shelves. It was much harder than I expected.

I'm focusing on these brands because they are found in many stores, rather than being local or store brands. It's a total of 7 pages total if you print each one out.

Nutro dog/cat on same pages:

Iams dog/cat and Eukanuba dog/cat all on same page:

Hills - Science Diet CAT food: (only the "Savory Cuts" cans recalled)

Mighty Dog 5.3oz POUCHES Only:

While initially the recall information included date codes, yesterday the recall was expanded to include all dates of the products in question, which makes the lists smaller and easier to read because no date codes are needed. [On Saturday the date expansion was denied, then after a couple of they-can't-really-be-doing-this-hours, announced again. Okay. Uhuh. Whatever. NONE of these foods should be on the shelf. If you want to read the full story on their back and forth, the best place is over at]

***Added*** Seems like we all need something we all can take into our local stores to make sure they do not have recalled food on the shelves. I'm thinking I'll put the above lists, along with the Menu Foods press release into a single PDF file for easiest printing. If you like the idea, and would find it helpful, let me know. Comment here or click the email link on the top right of this page. Thanks.


Pamela Simpson Harden said...

I think that would be good. Everybody needs to know this. I am going to give my friends your website, so they can read your website. Thank you so much.

Kim said...

Thanks for your feedback Pamela, I appreciate it. I'll be working on this tomorrow.

Kim =^..^=

Jeanna said...

I think this would be a great idea! There have been 3 places so far that I've been to that STILL have the food on the shelves! It makes me sick seeing it there! AND, not even a recall warning posted! Thank you for all you are doing. You are apprecitated!