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Pet Food Recall - All the information I can find

First, an apology. I had several cats die in the past 3 years, in large part because of the food I gave them. Just over a year ago I decided to put together a package of information on Cat Food - so that no other people (or their kitties) would have to suffer like I did.

Unfortunately, though I worked on it on and off, I never finished it. I was still grieving for my kitties, and it was painful every time I thought about it.

With the huge recall going on now though, I've cleared my schedule - getting this information out to people is my number one priority. [I'm calling this the "Cat Food Tracker", email me if you want to be notified when it is available.]

I've spent all day today searching online for up-to-date accurate information about this current recall. I'm shocked at how little information has been provided, and how slowly it's being updated. Websites have links going to other websites that have links going to other sites, with no or little information provided by any of them. The Menu Foods website has little new information, and their phone number 1-866-895-2708 reportedly has been busy since Friday. So many people with ill pets are desperate for information and are having trouble getting any answers.

Sadly, MANY more than 10 pets have died. I've read of at least 50 others today, mostly posted in comments on various news articles and blogs. I've included some of those links below.

I'll do my best to keep this updated, hopefully I can make it easier for you to find the information you need.

At this time they still do NOT know what is causing the problem.

Even more shocking, according to news reports, both Menu Foods and the FDA are testing this by giving the food to healthy cats and dogs to verify that it is killing them. 1 out of 6 animals have died after being given the food in this supposedly controlled testing environment.

There have been other recent Pet Food Recalls - this is an ongoing problem and not going away any time soon.

Questions and answers about the pet food recall - from

Q: What brands and types of pet food are being recalled?

A: The recall involves Ontario-based Menu Foods' "cuts and gravy" style cat and dog food packaged from Dec. 3 to March 6. The wet food, which consists of chunks of meat in gravy, is packaged in cans and small foil pouches. The food was sold under numerous brand names _ 40 cat food brands and 51 dog food brands as of Monday.

Q: What happened to the food that led to this recall?

A: The recall started after reports that at least 10 pets _ one dog and nine cats _ suffered kidney failure and died after eating the food, according the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The FDA on Monday said that as many as one in six animals died in tests of suspect dog and cat food by the manufacturer after complaints the products were poisoning pets around the country.

Q: Where was this food sold?

A: The pet food was sold throughout North America under both store and major brand labels at Wal-Mart, Kroger, Safeway and other large retailers.

Q: What should I do if I have some of this pet food in my cupboard?

A: The FDA says stop feeding it to your pet. Many of the major store chains are also granting refunds for returned food.

Q. How do I know if my pet is sick as a result of eating contaminated food? What are the symptoms?

A: Signs of kidney failure include loss of appetite, lethargy and vomiting.

Q. What should I do if I already gave some of this food to my pet? Do I need to take my pet to a doctor?

A: It's best to seek advice from a veterinarian in such situations, according to the FDA.

Q. Who can I call with questions?

A: Menu Foods has a consumer hot line at 1-866-463-6738 and 1-866-895-2708. The FDA is asking those with sick or dead pets to call FDA state complaint coordinators. A list of contacts for such coordinators is available at .

Q: What precautions are being taken to make sure it doesn't happen again?

A: The company says it changed suppliers as of March 6, and has increased testing of raw materials and finished goods.


Detailed List, including lot numbers by distributor

Americas Choice; Preferred Pets; Authority; Best Choice; Companion; Compliments; Demoulas Market Basket; Fine Feline Cat, Shep Dog; Food Lion; Foodtown; Giant Companion; Good n Meaty; Hannaford; Hill Country Fare; Hy-Vee; Key Food; Laura Lynn; Li'l Red; Loving Meals; Main Choice; Nutriplan; Nutro Max Gourmet Classics; Nutro Natural Choice; Paws; Presidents Choice; Price Chopper; Priority; Save-A-Lot; Schnucks; Sophistacat; Special Kitty; Springfield Pride; Sprout; Total Pet; My True Friend; Wegmans; Western Family; White Rose; and Winn Dixie.


Detailed List, including lot numbers by distributor

America's Choice; Preferred Pets; Authority; Award; Best Choice; Big Bet; Big Red; Bloom; Bruiser; Cadillac; Companion; Demoulas Market Basket; Fine Feline Cat; Shep Dog; Food Lion; Giant Companion; Great Choice; Hannaford; Hill Country Fare; Hy-Vee; Key Food; Laura Lynn; Loving Meals; Main Choice; Mixables; Nutriplan; Nutro Max; Nutro Natural Choice; Nutro; Ol'Roy; Paws; Pet Essentials; Pet Pride; President's Choice; Price Chopper; Priority; Publix; Roche Bros; Save-A-Lot; Schnucks; Springsfield Pride; Sprout; Stater Bros; Total Pet; My True Friend; Western Family; White Rose; Winn Dixie and Your Pet.


Hills Science Diet
1. Science Diet® Kitten Savory Cuts® Ocean Fish 3 oz. and 5.5 oz.

2. Science Diet® Feline Adult Savory Cuts® Beef 5.5 oz.

3. Science Diet® Feline Adult Savory Cuts® Chicken 5.5 oz.

4. Science Diet® Feline Adult Savory Cuts® Ocean Fish 5.5 oz.

5. Science Diet® Feline Senior Savory Cuts® Chicken 5.5 oz.

Click on the above link for details

Purina Mighty Dog products
5.3 ounce Mighty Dog® brand pouch products that were produced by Menu Foods, Inc. from December 3, 2006 through March 14, 2007.

Procter and Gamble "Iams" and "Eukanuba" products.
Procter & Gamble announced the recall of specific 3 oz., 5.5 oz., 6 oz. and 13.2 oz. canned and 3 oz. and 5.3 oz. foil pouch cat and dog wet food products made by Menu Foods but sold under the Iams and Eukanuba brands. The recalled products bear the code dates of 6339 through 7073 followed by the plant code 4197. This covers food made between December 13th and March 14th.


"Cuts and Gravy" canned food "Moist Packet" types of some brands Food covered varies by label.



Not eating normally

Changes in drinking habits

Changes in urination

If you notice changes, you should contact your vet immediately.

Vetenarians can do blood and urine tests for kidney function, and if problems are discovered early enough, animals with kidney problems can be treated.


If you find you have recalled food in your home, do not feed it to your pet. Most retailers will refund your money if you return the items to them.
If you pet has shown symptoms, you may want to keep the food as proof you purchased food covered by the recall.
If you do so, clearly mark the food so you don't use it by mistake.

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