Saturday, March 24, 2007

Need a Vet? Try Banfield - offering a 25% discount for Pet Food Recall treatment

If you're in a new place and / or don't yet have a vet you know and trust for your pets, you might want to consider Banfield. They're offering a 25 percent discount, and have set up a fund to assist clients. They're the first, and as far as I know the only vet organization to step up this way.

I posted about them a few days ago, I'll repeat it here:

Banfield, The Pet Hospital is providing a 25 percent discount off the recommended medical treatment plans received at participating Banfield hospitals across the nation. Specialists and other experts have developed these specific treatment plans to screen for and treat kidney problems seen in patients who have eaten the tainted foods.

In addition, the Banfield Charitable Trust has created an emergency fund and donated the first $50,000 in funding to financially assist clients with Pet medical costs incurred at Banfield that are associated with the Menu Foods product contamination. Banfield Charitable Trust funds from this grant can be applied for at Banfield hospitals.

I never would have thought to take my pets there, but I've found out this week that all of their vets are networked together, so they are able to share information nation wide, and learn from each other. This is a huge benefit in this situation.

You can search by location here

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