Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Other brands and dry food affected?

I'll post more about this tomorrow, but I just couldn't go to sleep tonight without saying something.

Over the past couple of hours I've read numerous comments and posts on various websites, and a disturbing number of them are talking about their pet or pets sudden illness and death - after eating foods that are not (yet?) on the recall lists. Several were pets that only eat dry food.

I'm not making any recommendations here. But, I can tell you that first thing in the morning I'll be going to the grocery store and buying food so that I can make food for my cats here at home for the next few days.

This is a short term decision and action right now, there are a lot of things to consider before deciding to change your pets diet. I'll add that information and some links tomorrow. My cats are used to a lot of variety in their diet, so it won't be too difficult a switch for them. For yours it might be. So stay tuned.

Thanks to Carol for this link - it has the easiest instructions for making pet food at home that I've seen.

I hope that all your loved ones are healthy and safe, and that they stay that way.


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