Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Pet Food Recall - Cause still UNKNOWN

So, they haven't figured out what is causing the deaths of so many dogs and cats. They thought it was the wheat gluten, but tests of it do not confirm it is the problem.

Yet, Menu Foods is still making food!! WTF is wrong with them and the FDA??! Read this

(USA TODAY) -- The Food and Drug Administration said Tuesday it is aware of 14 confirmed animal deaths related to a major recall over the weekend of 91 brands of pet food, but the agency is getting "lots of telephone calls" from worried consumers.

The cause of contamination is still being investigated, said Stephen Sundlof, director of the FDA's Center for Veterinary Medicine. "We have no firm leads," he said, but suspicion remains focused on a possible contamination of wheat gluten, used to thicken gravy in the "cuts and gravy" cat and dog foods sold in pouches and cans.

Pet food maker Menu Foods of Ontario, Canada, recently changed its supplier for wheat gluten, and that is "the only change that coincided with the reported deaths," Sundlof said during a briefing. The broker who sold wheat gluten to the company got it from a variety of sources, he said, and the FDA is trying to trace it back to the source. Sundlof would not identify the broker.

The company is still making dog and cat food, said David Elder, an official with the FDA's Office of Regulatory Affairs. "They are in production, and the change they made was changing the supplier of wheat gluten," he said.

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