Friday, March 23, 2007

Menu Foods Press Conference - They do NOT know the SOURCE

In this press conference, they stated they do NOT know the source of the poison.

Highlights (I'll continue adding these as I watch the video. I'm shocked by so much of what they're saying that it's hard to type though. ):

- Products are from TWO manufacturing facilities, one in Kansas and one in New Jersey.
- Both facilities are STILL IN OPERATION (what is WRONG with these people???!)
- They do NOT admit to negligence on their part.
- They evaded a question about the number of pets that have died.
- The reporters are stunned that they are still manufacturing food at these plants.
- Reporter is stunned that they expect customers whose pets have died to remain loyal to them

Basically, this is a fairly useless CYA press conference, meant more to reassure investors than pet owners.

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