Friday, February 9, 2007

What "The Secret" Doesn't Cover

I think "The Secret" does a good job - of the things it covers. And for people that haven't heard these concepts before it will be very eye opening. But it left some very critical things out... including that you have to take Action on the things you want in your life - thought alone won't do it.


Yes, we are each a Spirit, in a body.

1. We each have our own energy frequency or vibration. ("Oh man, I'm so low energy today", or "I just don't have the energy".)

2. We have an energetic field that extends outside our body. This is often referred to as your aura, or your 'space'. ("He's in my space, it's driving me crazy") ("She just lit up the room the moment she entered".)

3. Every place has an energy. ("The second I walked in the door I felt at home". "I couldn't stand that place, I had to get out of there".)

More coming soon!

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Computer Crash, Connecting with Like-Minded People, "The Secret"

So, my hard drive crashed 10 days ago, leaving me offline for a full week. It so disrupted my day-to-day life that I was forced to do a lot of thinking about what IS in my life, as compared to what I WANT in my life. I even wondered for a few days if it was normal or healthy to have my computer be my main (most frequent) connection to the world. As days passed, I felt more and more lost.

I normally visit a dozen or so message boards daily, and check/write email throughout the day. I check my computer first thing in the morning, and it's usually the last thing I do at night. All of a sudden that was gone - and using a computer at the library for an hour or two just isn't the same.

And my friends noticed the difference - even those I talk to 'live'. My friend Jennifer said "I caught myself emailing you to tell you I got your voicemail that your computer crashed". And after I asked my friend Holly to check my email for me in the morning I started to say "I'll IM you when I see you online in the morning (to remind you to check my email)."

With this happening frequently, I decided to look at the energy. Have you ever wondered why there are times when you can be on the phone with someone, and you're still instant messaging them at the same time? Or you're IMing, then you talk on the phone, hang up and IM with them some more?

We do that because we're connecting with a different part of ourselves when we IM with someone. It's an entirely different energy than talking on the phone. IMing can be like being in the same room with someone, with you both doing different activities yet maintaining a closeness and a connection. Or, it can be an intense one-on-one conversation where you pour out your deepest feelings. And of course anything in between. Sometimes it is just the quickest and easiest way to tell someone something. (No more trying to get their voicemail so you don't have to talk calling)

Close your eyes and look for yourself. Visualize a line of energy between you and another person (someone you talk to in person, on the phone and via IM.) Let there be a line for each way you connect with them. What color is each line? What is the feeling of each line? Where do the lines connect? Which line is more 'Spirit to Spirit'? Which line is more "Heart to Heart"?. Does that change?

When you're on this 'energy' path and connecting daily with other like-minded folks, a lot of your communication becomes silent - Spirit to Spirit. If you're on the phone when this is happening there can be a lot of long, silent pauses. It can feel a little odd, because you feel 'something happening' (energy moving) but you're not verbally saying or doing anything. With IMs though, you expect pauses, so it's not as noticeable.

With most of us used to being online and communicating via email and IM, it *is* very important to maintain that online connection. It can't be the only thing in your life, but it is now a part of our lives and important to maintain. So, back up your data. Keep your computer healthy. Do whatever you need to do to keep this communication channel open - especially if your business is online! If you're not doing these things, you're not taking your business seriously. And that's a good question to ask yourself right now - "How seriously AM I taking my online business?". Then ask "what do I need to do to change that?" Then do it.

And... back to my being offline and feeling a little lost...
Fortunately I'd started my Psychic Energy Group (BEAMers) back in December, we meet on the phone a couple of times a week and look at all things energy. Having an energy-connection with like-minded folks is absolutely critical to maintain - and all of your 'connection to spirit' cannot be via one method of communication. Much more on this coming soon!

My conclusion towards the end of that week is that I do need to build in more in-person activities - so as we move out of the cold snowy weather into spring I'll do more and more things outside, with other people. Even just talking to a like-minded neighbor over the fence can help you stay connected and in the stream of things.

On a similar note - the movie "The Secret" is being shown / talked about on Oprah today. This movie does a very good job of explaining a lot of the principles behind the work I do. (Though they don't even mention the whole psychic thing). If you haven't seen it, you can watch it on, just search for "The Secret".

If you like and believe the concepts covered in the movie but aren't quite sure what to do to next - stay tuned! I have lots of tools and information that will help and they'll be available in the next week or two.

Enjoy your day!

Kim :-)

P.S. As soon as I find the instructions I'll get an RSS feed set up so you can get updates automatically.