Friday, February 9, 2007

What "The Secret" Doesn't Cover

I think "The Secret" does a good job - of the things it covers. And for people that haven't heard these concepts before it will be very eye opening. But it left some very critical things out... including that you have to take Action on the things you want in your life - thought alone won't do it.


Yes, we are each a Spirit, in a body.

1. We each have our own energy frequency or vibration. ("Oh man, I'm so low energy today", or "I just don't have the energy".)

2. We have an energetic field that extends outside our body. This is often referred to as your aura, or your 'space'. ("He's in my space, it's driving me crazy") ("She just lit up the room the moment she entered".)

3. Every place has an energy. ("The second I walked in the door I felt at home". "I couldn't stand that place, I had to get out of there".)

More coming soon!

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