Sunday, March 25, 2007

Recalled Food Still on Shelves? Let me know about it here

I saw this yesterday at PETCO, and again today at Walgreens. Recalled food sitting on the shelves, and the managers pleading ignorance.

Have you found recalled products at a retailer in your area? Post a comment here or Click Here to Email me with the details. Include the Retailer name, city, and if possible the products found.

These Products should not be on shelves (I'll add the flavors soon. For now, right click on the links to open up a separate window)

Mighty Dog
All 5.3 ounce Pouches recalled

Hill's Science Diet CAT
5 Savory Cuts Feline canned products

Nutro CAT:
19 Cat Pouch Products

Nutro DOG:
6 Pouch Products
16 12.5oz Canned Products

Iams CAT:
12 Select Bites 3 oz Pouches
8 Cat Slices and Flakes in Cans, both 3 and 6 oz

Iams DOG:
10 Select Bites 5.3 oz Pouches
4 Small Bites 6 oz Cans
9 Chunks 13.2 oz Cans

Eukanuba CAT
8 Morsels in Gravy 3 oz Pouches
5 Cat Cuts and Flaked in 3 oz Cans

Eukanuba DOG
8 Bites in Gravy 5.3oz Pouches
5 Chunks in Gravy 5.5 oz Cans


Kim said...

I found 3 multi-packs of Mighty Dog Pouches on the shelf at Walgreens in Santa Fe. I took them up to the Asst Manager and he knew nothing about them being recalled. Nothing! I asked him to keep them off the shelves until he could verify the recall, he said he wanted to help, but had to have instructions from Corporate.

Nikki said...

Tried to email you but your email keeps bouncing back as a bad email addy.

Here's the proof we were looking for regarding the expanded recall. It's a press release issued to the Canadian News Wire Service on 03/24/07 by Menu Foods (Got it from a Canadian reporter. This is all over the Canadian news today.):

Canadian links (03/25/07)

Kim said...

Thanks Nikki. Don't know what's up with my email,I'll email you now.

Kim said...

Menu Foods has *finally* posted this information on their website.

Jeanna said...

Hi Kim~

I mentioned something to the following pet stores:

C & C Pet Food-Mission Viejo, CA

PetsPlus-San Clemente, CA

PetsPlus- Mission Viejo, CA

ALL are still carrying the recalled pet food. And an abundant supply too! They said they checked all the #'s and they were all fine...they did not know about the update.

Also, I wanted to make a comment about the press conference. I noticed that is said DRY DOG food was not included in the recall. What about the DRY CAT food?