Friday, March 30, 2007

FDA Press Conference - more Partial Truths

FDA reports more partial truths. News media stop coverage mid-stream. Menu Foods announces another Friday press conference - for News Media with credentials only.

And this is only the beginning.

We now know melamine has been found in wheat gluten. We now know this SAME wheat gluten was shipped to (at least) one manufacturer of DRY pet food.

FDA won't release the name. Um, Hello FDA - we have a right to know NOW. You really don't want to mess with pet lovers.

Apparently this manufacturer is so behind-the-times that they don't know whether they've used any of it yet in pet food. Um, I don't believe you. You're LYING.

So take note.

To: Menu Foods, the FDA, Pet Food Manufacturers, and assorted huge conglomerates that make pet food.

From: Me, and hundreds of thousands of pet owners

You're LYING and we know it. We're not stupid. And we're pissed. And we're grieving. You made a mistake thinking this would blow over. You severely underestimated the nature of our love for our pets. We will find the truth, and we will make you pay.

Some of us will do it the 'light / love-based' way - by focusing on our pets and by taking our business to organic pet food manufacturers or making their food ourselves.

Some of us will do it the 'dark / fear-based ' way - by legal action and protests and boycotts and pushing for congressional hearings and criminal prosecution. Just wanna repeat that last one - CRIMINAL prosecution. Because that's what you are. Heartless CRIMINALs.

Me? What camp will I be in? I'll be in both.
Light - because I have to maintain that energy - it's who I am. And because I will go crazy if I totally give in to the anger I feel at you.

Dark - because that's all you'll notice. And because I've got enough anger at you for 40 lifetimes.

For all the coverage you need on today's news, see

I'll add links and quotes later. One you must see now though, because it is absolutely chilling:

In an FDA press conference this morning, a reporter asked the FDA’s Dr. Stephen Sundlof if people could be feeding unsafe food to their pets right now, because the FDA won’t reveal the name of a company - that makes dry “kibbled” food as well as “wet” pet food - that received wheat gluten from the same source Menu did.

The response? “It is possible, but I think we’ve been following every lead that we can. My sense is that we have gotten most of it under control.”

You're LYING. And you're WRONG.

And you should see this one right away too.

Karen Roebuck of the Pittsburg Tribune-Review, who broke the story earlier this morning that melamine, not aminopterin, had been found in the tested foods, asked if any of the wheat gluten had found its way into the human food supply.

The response: “At this point we are not aware that any of that went into human food.” They do know the company that supplied the contaminated wheat gluten, and are tracking its shipments, but they aren’t disclosing the name of the company.

They are, however, doing “100 percent review and sampling of all wheat gluten from China.”

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