Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Dry Food Illness/Death Numbers Reported by Itchmo

After just a few days of collecting reports of dry food illnesses and deaths, itchmo has reported the results.

Is it 'proof'? Maybe not. But it sure as hell convinces me.

Number of Specific Cat Food Brand Reported:

Iams: 17
Purina: 6
Science Diet: 5
Nutro: 4
Special Kitty: 3
Royal Canin: 1

Number of Specific Dog Food Brand Reported:

Iams: 21
Nutro: 14
Ol’Roy: 5
Science Diet: 4
Eukanuba: 2
Pedigree: 2
Purina: 2
Authority: 1
Beneful: 1
Natural Balance: 1
Trader Joe’s: 1

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