Saturday, January 13, 2007

ASK the Spirit Guys

Dear Spirit Guys: Do you get credit for starting a blog if you only tell one person about it?
Still Hiding my Light

Dear SHML: Absolutely! You get credit even if you didn't tell anybody. By getting it created, you worked through the majority of the energy that was keeping you from moving forward. Once you do that, it takes a little while to 'recover' from that burst of growth. As spirit, we can change energy in the blink of an eye - but it takes our physical bodies (and our thinking) a little longer to adjust sometimes.

Continue making entries to your blog, and the right people will be attracted at the right time. Write what you feel guided to write, let yourself be 'guided by the Universe'. You're on your path...enjoy it.

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The Purse Diva said...

Super Kim! :-)

I'll be waiting for your next entry!